The Evolving Elder

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Congratulations! Your curiosity has led you to stumble onto something extraordinary. Once in a while, a passionate and poignant description of something that is happening on a global and evolutionary scale occurs. The Evolving Elder captures a transition that is preparing the way for a new phase in humanity’s life. By focusing upon the changes that are occurring in the longer lives of some old people, the movement of evolution is being revealed.

Instead of dwelling on the prejudices that impede the old, this work describes elderhood in fresh terms, which reveal the many positive aspects of this important stage of human life. There are gains, which make the losses that accompany aging meaningful and essential to human well being. There are many surprises involved with aging —developments that enhance life, and expansions that change the assumptions about what the human experiment is about. It is way past time for a new look at the phenomenon of aging, an examination that reveals the ultimate dignity of human life.

Such a look also reveals the organic process that is going on. It shows natural forces at work, pushing growth and especially integration. The latter stage of life has its own developmental tasks, its own challenges, its own urges, which demonstrate that human existence is embedded in the larger processes of Life itself.

Human nature is stretching out, via a prolonged life, and gaining a bigger relevance to what is going on. This enlarged viewpoint alters the view of the human place in Life! Reading this book will clue you in to a fundamental shift in the way humankind, especially in the elder stage, is occurring. It will also reveal the profound change that is altering the connection between humanity and evolution.

Surprising discoveries accompany aging. There is an elder awakening happening – older people are vital like they have never been before. Greying turns out to be ripening into something special!!

Providing a necessary corrective for the wide-spread prejudice that demise corresponds to the latter stages of life, The Evolving Elder describes in rich and inspiring prose how evolution has created a period of life that reveals the true dignity of human existence.

What Experts are Saying


“If you want to look forward to what lies ahead for you on reaching 50, 60, 70 and 80, The Evolving Elder is the book for you. Goff not only has brilliant insights into later life, but he writes beautifully as well. I’ll enter my 80th year in 2017 and this is the most inspiring and useful guide for Elderhood I’ve found.”

—William Idol, Founding Member, Center for Third Age


“Goff provides a bold and refreshing look at aging, drawing from his deeply moving, personal experiences of becoming an elder. He also put the process into a larger context- the evolutionary significance of elders for humanity: no other species has such a long post-reproductive life, underscoring the crucial role elders play in human survival. It is a resource we need to foster more than ever in these perilous times.”

—Allan Chinnen, MD, Author of In the Ever After, Once Upon a Midlife, and Beyond the Hero


“If you hope to become an elder, this guide to the power and wisdom of elderhood is for you! It’s a realistic appraisal of both the challenges (cultural, mental, and physical) and the unexpected joys and rewards of aging. Read it: laugh and weep, celebrate and grieve, and embrace the journey towards the inevitable end of life that we all must make, Goff’s affirmation of life in The Evolving Elder is movingly written, a pleasure to read, and uplifting for individuals and communities alike.”

—Dr Susanne Cook-Grueter, Int’l authority on Mature Adult Development


“Goff takes us on an inner journey into our own unknow lands of aging and elderhood. Each journey is unique with its travails and triumphs, losses and gains, but something stirring inside impels us to ripen. Taking this journey in community, learning to surrender, and accepting what is are challenges that can lead us to the boons. Lucky’s message is that there is much to gain by ripening into elderhood, and that personal fulfillment is available if we will welcome it.”

—John Sorensen, Coordinating Director, Conscious Elders Network