Caregiving from the Heart

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In Caregiving from the Heart: Tales of Inspiration, Roberta Cole and Riki Intner take readers on what can be a life-altering odyssey of connection and caring.

At a time in our history when our population is living longer and longer, caregiving has become a national health issue as well as one of the greatest human challenges of our time. How do we respect, honor and attend to the needs of our elders? As well, how do we respect, honor and attend the needs of those facing life threatening health issues earlier in life.

How do we reconcile the seemingly huge gap between our own needs and theirs? And most of all, how do we create and sustain a dialogue that is meaningful for both?

Woven throughout Caregiving from the Heart: Tales of inspiration are the threads of true experience. We hear from children, friends, relatives and partners, long distance caregivers and many recipients of care. The shared stories help us to navigate the maze of emotion that can be at once tearful and ebullient, gut wrenching and heartwarming. The stories cover moments large and small and often address elder issues of pressing concern – from painful role reversal, driving, safety and depression to loss of mobility and even to last chance romance.

We learn that there is no right way to care and that caregiving opens windows on the full range of possibility available to us when we participate in one of the most profound adventures of our lives. The stories speak of agony and surprise – of joy and despair – but most of all – of discovery. Caregiving from the Heart: Tales of Inspiration is like having a support group in your own home. Keep it on your nightstand and use it whenever you have the need.