Ambiguity of Suffering – second edition

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Eldership Academy Press, Ambiguity of Suffering

Ambiguity of Suffering contributes to the understanding of important historical developments and theoretical insights of the 20th century that became building blocks of Process Work, a theory and practice developed by Arnold Mindell in the early 1980s. These developments and insights are brought to bear in the ways helping professionals, the people whom most of us consult for assistance when we need help and support, conceptualize suffering. Ambiguity of Suffering outlines some of the forces, principally in the fields of psychology and philosophy, that were synthesized by Mindell in his Process Work. 

The research presented here is more than a mere academic exercise. How Process Work conceptualizes and engages with suffering continues to be seen as a marginal approach within the mainstream helping professions. Many factors might be responsible for its marginalization. One in particular is that Process Work demands a radically different view of the world and people from what is customary today. My attempt to detail Process Work’s solid grounding in breakthrough discoveries of the 20th century is to support this theory and practice in becoming more accessible, acceptable, and, hopefully, widespread.